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05 August 2010 @ 04:35 pm

I haven't seen the next episode yet, but I just read the summary of it.

I am currently on the borderline of feeling excited or furious.

Apparently Claude and Sebastian make some deal for Ciel to take revenge on Alois, so in the end his soul will be good enough for Claude to take.
What the hell man?!
Does this mean Claude is giving up Alois' life for some other bocchans soul?
I swear I'm gonna cut a bitch if Alois ends up dying.
Now I don't know if I should love or hate Claude.
Is anyone else flabbergasted?
I mean sure, I guess I should be disappointed in Sebastian too for giving up Ciel that easily, but its Alois I'm worried about!

Current Mood: confused
Rose-chan: Zigfried Pills & Voicesnyami_rose1 on August 6th, 2010 11:14 pm (UTC)
It's good to meet another person who appreciates the meds. I hear so many stories about people who refuse to take them. It's kinda sad. I heard a story about man with Schizophrenia who didn’t take his meds, and it caused him to drive erratically and dangerously, and he got in crash and killed a mother and her unborn child. It’s called reckless endangerment, peoples. It's serious. Take your damn meds, no matter how nasty they taste. (And boy do they taste nasty…)

Yeah, I've noticed that too. I meet a lot of adopted people, and they usally all have something. It is mainly because of the parents. I’ve definitely heard some harrowing tales about irresponsible parents. My little sister, when she was an infant, was mistreated by one of my birth-mother's boyfriends, and now she’s worse off mentally than me. She lived with me for a while, but we had to give her back to the foster care system,. It was bad enough having one crazy kid in the house, but two? It was impossible for my parents to manage. Unfortunately, the foster care worker for my sister was a bastard, and refused to contact us or give us updates. I haven't heard anything about my sister for almost 9 years.

I use to hurt people really bad a couple years ago. I’d throw books at my best friends and threaten teachers, break things, and assault my parents, all because my doctor (lets call him Dr. R for now) was a jerk who insisted every time something went wrong he pout me on more meds instead of take some away. Eventually, I was on 7 different medications at once,, all in doses over 400mg. I turned into a fricken zombie. He suggested I be hospitalized eventually. My mom then realized he was not the doctor for me, and now i have a new doctor, and he's much more cautious, which I'm happy for.

Weird thing is, I’ve met about a dozen other people with similar cases about Dr. R... Scary, huh?

(Dude, that was like, half my life story, right there. Sorry about that.)

Yeah. I wish I was old enough for Love_Hotel ;_; I hate being young because I can’t do certain things, but I don’t want to grow up because then I have to take responsibility for myself. And go to college D: