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05 August 2010 @ 04:35 pm

I haven't seen the next episode yet, but I just read the summary of it.

I am currently on the borderline of feeling excited or furious.

Apparently Claude and Sebastian make some deal for Ciel to take revenge on Alois, so in the end his soul will be good enough for Claude to take.
What the hell man?!
Does this mean Claude is giving up Alois' life for some other bocchans soul?
I swear I'm gonna cut a bitch if Alois ends up dying.
Now I don't know if I should love or hate Claude.
Is anyone else flabbergasted?
I mean sure, I guess I should be disappointed in Sebastian too for giving up Ciel that easily, but its Alois I'm worried about!

Current Mood: confused
Alois Trancy: you want to repeat that?aloissaysole on August 5th, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I saw only the beginning in RAW, and stopped when the intro started. I can't watch without subs! It will just frusrate me.
From what I've seen so far in this series, nothing is ever what it seems. There's always a twist or something that isn't mentioned 'til the last second.

Damn, douchebag Claude is going to have me in a bad mood. >:[